Alzheimer’s: Overcoming the Stigma

Dr. Jerome Goldstein and The San Francisco Clinical Research Center is Here to Help

Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is devastating enough and making things worse is having to deal with the stigma often associated with the diagnosis. You don’t have to be in the position where your friends or even family members begin to distance themselves from you. Some diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s have been fired from their jobs after revealing their diagnosis to employers. The cause of much of this is a lack of understanding or just misguided information they may have heard.

A recent article from the Alzheimer’s Association explained that the stigma associated with Alzheimer’s prevents many people from even seeking treatment in the first place! This is not the route to go because, though there is no cure, early treatment can make a big impact on your quality of life.

Research being conducted by Dr. Jerome Goldstein and the San Francisco Clinical Research Center is seeking to find medications that may be useful in Stabilizing and/or reducing the disease process symptoms of Alzheimer’s and perhaps even one day finding a cure. Until that happens you can do some things to help overcome the stigma of Alzheimer’s.

  • Don’t Be Discouraged  – There is no shame in being diagnosed and other people’s lack of understanding is not a reflection on you.
  • Seek Support and Stay Connected – Having a good support network is so important.
  • Communicate the Facts – Sharing accurate information can help dispel some of the misconceptions.
  • Seek Help if You Experience Alzheimer’s Symptoms – The Team at the SFCR can suggest support groups and help in your area wherever you live.
  • Be A Part Of The Solution – Advocate for yourself because, as an Alzheimer’s patient, your voice can be one of the most powerful tools to end stereotypes and stigma and help increase funding to find a cure or even an effective treatment.

Don’t let the opinion of others or just plain misinformation get in the way of living your life and managing your treatment. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is challenging enough without having to also carry the burden of an unfair stigma.

Dr. Jerome Goldstein and the entire San Francisco Clinical Research Center team can help you overcome the stigma you might feel about Alzheimer’s. When you call 415-673-4600 a live member of our team will answer your call during regular business hours Monday through Friday and after hours calls will always be returned the following business day.

You can also request to be contacted on our website. We are there for you, your family and loved ones, and your good health.